Valve Testing Services

A critical component in maintaining plant productivity, safety and profitability is to ensure that every valve is operating at peak efficiency while meeting relevant safety requirements. Emirates Valves has the ability to test all types of valves and identify those in need of adjustment or full service or upgradation with no operational interruptions. This intervention gives you the means to accurately test every valve, performed in place, on line and under normal operating conditions. The result is a certifiable test allowing correctly performing valves to remain in service for longer periods, as well as fully documenting valves that do not meet the correct performance criteria by our experienced personnel so that they can be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Our time served Valve technicians and our in house engineering & manufacturing capabilities mean, capability to measure several different readings simultaneously, such as spindle deflection (lift potentiometer), valve discharge and leakage (acoustic detection), inlet pressure (pressure transducer) and the spring relaxation force (load cell) offers a system that our technicians to select critical measurements of force and line pressure with amazing precision and accuracy.

Emirates Valves can offer detailed documentation to customers wanting to collect the information themselves, or alternatively, we can send suitably trained personnel to your site to analyse the requested scope and suggest the best method of undertaking the work.

Emirates Valves has built up a considerable toolbox of unique add-ons that can be applied to certain jobs when needed. These include but are not limited to:

Hazardous Area Module- Emirates Valves to undertaken works in Intrinsically Safe Zones

Heavy Lifting Rig- Allows Emirates Valves to exert and accurately measure over 10 tons of lifting force on a valve if required

Cable and Hose Extension kit- Allows Emirates Valves to be undertaken up to 100 meters away from the measurement and control equipment

Emirates Valves can operate on torsion bar design valves.

Harsh environment printer kit- ensures that no matter where in the world, a hard copy certificate can always be made available (requires minimum power supply to operate)

With Emirates Valves, you have a service that has proven itself over more than 5 decades of use, and is notably more powerful and adaptable than anything else available on the market.

Improving Your Plant’s Uptime, Output and Bottom Line.