Emirates Valves LLC is a rising, acme stockist and distributor of industrial valves in the Middle East region. Emirates Valves LLC can offer a comprehensive range of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly & Plug Valves in forged and cast steel according to the prime International Standards. The material of construction covers Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, high alloy steel and exotic materials etc. which is requested in the region. The material is sourced from approved vendors across the globe with majority of the supplies are from the Western European region-Italy, France, Austria and Germany. Emirates Valves LLC commands strong buying power with stringent Quality evaluation for each supplier. This provides easy access to world’s most renowned valve manufacturers at reasonable prices without compromising the stringent quality requirements demanded by the customer and the company.

Emirates Valves LLC is led by renowned Valve / Industrial experts and we have developed reputation for being able to source material worldwide. Our market consists of end-users, contractors, traders in chemical process industries, refineries, petrochemicals, oil exploration, thermal/nuclear plants, steel plants, food, capital goods industries, effluent treatment, desalination systems & mining industries. The prime objective of the company is to maintain and improve market leadership in the supply of our products by maintaining large stock of valves at any point of time with a vast product choice. Company is strategically placed in DIP industrial zone which is easily accessible through DWC & DXB airports and is close to Jebel-Ali Port.

This enhances the external provider’s / customers commutations easy & hassle free movements of shipments in this region. Emirates Valves LLC have the unique identity with its in-house special testing facility (includes Cryogenic testing) and with its expert crew for an onsite service support.

A brief note on the product range readily available:

Description Sizes Standard Compliance
Gate , Globe , Check Valves 2” - 48” ANSI
Ball Valves 2” - 24” ANSI
Butterfly Valves 2” - 24” ANSI , DIN
Dual Check Valves 2” - 24” ANSI , DIN
Plug Valves 2” - 12” ANSI